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One thing that is undebatable is that NYMEX, which is the regulator, ordered Amaranth to reduce [its] holdings," he said.
One true fact which is undebatable is we make damn fine music in Liverpool.
Although major differences of opinion exist among observers of the federal rulemaking process regarding the appropriateness of OIRA's regulatory review role, the broad reach and influence of the office is undebatable.
Despite a number of studies examining this issue, there seem to be few, if any, undebatable and conclusive findings.
It is my hope that the case study "offers lessons for further conversation rather than undebatable conclusions, and [will] substitute the companionship of intimate detail for the loneliness of abstracted facts" (Ellis and Bochner, 2000: 744).
I developed a theory of three distinct phases of the criticism process: (1) the workaday stage of suggestions and corrections offered internally by members of the LMC, (2) the pre-publication official and voluntary test review and evaluation events carried on by the sponsoring churches, and (3) the ongoing post-publication era when members of the worshiping congregations would be permitted to offer the ultimate, unpredictable, and perhaps undebatable judgment determined by the use of a musical setting in the context of parish worship.
Each of us might have some different idea of the public interest but some things are very clear and undebatable.
At least he had the courage to stay focused on the sublime issues and never reduce his subject to vapid simplifications or undebatable minutiae.
Superior technology does not win the day by itself; strong marketing, promotion, and positioning are an undebatable must.
I know all too well that none of the programmatic or attitudinal victories won by those movements would have been possible without drawing lines in the dirt and demanding the nonnegotiable, undebatable rejection of evil.
However, once Congress acts and a bill is signed by the president, it is the undebatable trust of the National Park Service to administer the law--fairly, consistently, and with due professional care.