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At the end of the hour the state of the atom is a superposition of decayed and undecayed states with equal probabilities.
Suppose the interest lies in computing the fraction of an initially pure sample of this nuclide that will remain undecayed at the end of a time period, say 90 years.
When the coffin was exhumed seven years later to retrieve the manuscript, her body and hair, legend has it, were found undecayed.
These beauties, however, are of a very special kind, for the fictional Marinda's 'true Character suits very well with you: She was an Innocent Country Virgin, ignorant of the Intrigues and Tricks of the Court Ladies; her Vertue, like yours, untainted and undecayed, needed none of their Artificial Embellishments to guild it over; and that Innocence which appears eminently in both of you, little wants these Ladies Artifices to set it off' (p.
Dead Alaska yellow-cedar trees across 200,000 ha (500,000 ac) of southeast Alaska remain standing as snags for up to a century, and because the heartwood remains strong, hard, and undecayed while standing, they probably offer little in the way of habitat for cavity nesting animals (Hennon et al.
Buried in the priory, his remains were transferred to a pilgrim shrine there after 11 years, and found still undecayed.
Here the upper layers formed a flatter surface of drier undecayed leaves that acted to shed water.
Through this narrative strategy of obliteration, the miracle of the tomb with its undecayed corpse is imaginatively translated from Anglo-Saxon London to Ricardian London.
Although red-cockaded woodpeckers can excavate a completed cavity into a pine with undecayed heartwood and sapwood (Conner & Locke 1982), the presence of red heart fungal (Phellinus pini) decay in the heartwood has an influence on the time required to excavate a complete cavity (Conner & Rudolph 1995).
After St Cuthbert's body was found undecayed in 698 after 11 years of burial and enshrined in the island's St Peter's Church, Lindisfarne became a centre for pilgrimage ( and it is still.
Their action has caused the trunks of fallen forest trees such as oak and yew to remain undecayed and intact to be found by men cutting the turf for their fires.
The Blackwood's letter describes the phenomenon of a "Scots mummy," an undecayed, century-old corpse unearthed in the Borders.