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Mrs Gowan attributed certain views of furthering the marriage to my friend here, in conversation with me before it took place; and I endeavoured to undeceive her.
Impressed with this idea, she was no sooner fairly awake than she screamed violently, and would have quickly precipitated herself out of the window and through a neighbouring skylight, if her daughter had not hastened in to undeceive her, and implore her assistance.
I replied, if I am deceived why don't you come to me like a Christian & show me wherein I am deceived & try to undeceive me.
The things are going out of government's control, but it is still undeceive on the negotiation process", Shah added.
449) As the Speaker of the Commons stated on July 31, 1661, "[W]e held it our Duty to undeceive the People, who have been poisoned with an Opinion, that the Militia of this Nation was in themselves, or in their Representatives in Parliament; and, according to the ancient known Laws, we have declared the sole right of the Militia to be in Your Majesty.
Now to undeceive such I do affirm, That such Fracture may happen diverse accidental ways, as well as by Copulation with Man.
Poor Nixon tried to undeceive him as to his altered position, but it was not until Bancroft, the Aide, came to his rescue, that he was got into the Drawing Room.
The replica may thus deceive us for a time, but it must also undeceive us.
Chamberlin that my case was a severe attack of congestion of the brain, that seeing that I was of the impression that it was intermittent fever he did not wish to undeceive me as it was all important that my mind should be as quiet and undisturbed as possible.