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Amid all the chaos is a strong undercurrent of sexual depravity summed up in the chapter's final paragraph: "And the climax of that grotesque comedy--so mixed of loathing, anguish, broken faith, the hot lust of animals so obscenely fuming underneath its undeceptive mash of skilled urbanity--was over" (203).
This attack on usury as a kind of internal/civil enslavement--bad when individuals within a society practiced it on each other, even worse in the case of foreign money--is a commonplace of the 'Country' or 'Commonwealth' tradition of political writers, who held virtue to inhere in solid and undeceptive land ownership, and tended to see money altogether as a destabilizing and treacherous form of wealth and social identity.
Kleist thought that consciousness was a kind of disease, and the unconscious beast lived in a perfectly real, undeceptive world, a world not mitigated by buffers of mental concepts, a world fully there.