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Das Buch Franza (The book of Franza), which appears elsewhere in Bachmann's notes under the since-determined-to-be-provisional title Der Fall Franza (Franza's case), teeters undecidedly between these qualifiers, arriving in French, decapitated of either its biblical or its psychoanalytic referent, one might say, since Franza, with neither book nor case, captures precisely what I might be meaning by a nominal now, having been robbed of the prepositional clause through which the name--which, in French, forgive me, is also a noun--and the person possibly attached to it, arrives.
They have already lost pretty well all their Orrell recruits, as well as the visitors' former manager Ross Reynolds who remains undecidedly exactly what to do.
it remains undecidedly displaced and divided between political act and private passion, tradition and subversion, never quite making sense according to the classical subject-object categories of knowledge.