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The condition of a writing which is an 'after writing' is somehow echoed in the self's undecidedness between agency and mediation: 'You are neither here nor there, / A hurry through which known and strange things pass' (The Spirit Level, p.
In an open-ended question, 12 of 33 physicians (36%) and 11 of 63 public safety personnel (17%) added past vaccination as a reason for unwillingness or undecidedness to receive the vaccine (eg, "received vaccine as a child," "possibly vaccinated previously").
The undecidedness of Faulkner's universe may very well be a function of Faulkner's ambivalence, but it doesn't matter in the end to Glissant.
To form a scale from these three factors, it was necessary to reverse the scoring of the first question, which in its original form indicated undecidedness.