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In so doing, it has suggested establishing as both politically significant and worthy of legal scholarly attention the very terms in which such "choices" are formulated and articulated, and to recapture some sense of the persistent undecidedness of that articulation.
Nonetheless, this translation of what I would call Lipsius' Lessons in statesmanship will attract more cultural and intellectual historians than politicians amongst its readers, whilst the snares and snags of the early modern Latin political lexis are not served by a translator's undecidedness.
The undecidedness of Faulkner's universe may very well be a function of his own ambivalence, but that is not Glissant's chief interest.
Consistent with writers such as Gelatt (1989), the Chaos Theory of Careers does not claim that decidedness is always the best outcome from career counseling--sometimes undecidedness can be the most appropriate and the most adaptive response in a complex, changing, and unpredictable world (Pryor & Bright, 2003a, 2003b).
The undecidedness of Faulkner's universe may very well be a function of Faulkner's ambivalence, but it doesn't matter in the end to Glissant.
However, Rapaport notes that all these critical approaches are underlain by the paradox that their own critical positionality is always marked by an unavoidable and indeed constitutive relationship with an uncritical positionality, "one could go so far as to claim that what the deadlock of undecidedness keeps open is not just critical debate but, far more importantly, uncritical debate" (Rapaport 2001, p.
To overcome this uncertainty or undecidedness once and for all is the intention of Martin Gubser's dissertation (Fribourg, 1995).