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Among undecided voters, 34 per cent said they were now more likely to vote No, 16 per cent said they may vote Yes and 44 per cent said their position was unchanged after Osborne's speech.
But the three polls indicate that undecided voters could still sway the outcome of the referendum.
A statewide poll by The Oregonian and KATU TV in Portland showed that a quarter of Democrats and a third of Republicans remain undecided.
Our research shows that undecided voters have a tendency to watch shows that have ethnic appeal, such as "My Wife & Kids" and "CSI: Miami.
diplomats of pressuring undecided nations to back Mr.
If she'd had any good leads on undecided voters, campaigners such as C.
If you're an undecided voter, The Register-Guard would like to hear from you.
On Monday night, our last chance to see Gore, we went to Amherst for what was advertised in the newspaper as an ``open meeting with undecided voters'' in a school gymnasium.
There must be at least one undecided voter in Lane County, otherwise John Kerry would not have bothered to squeeze tonight's overnight visit to Eugene into his schedule.
In other words, previous undecideds who have since made up their minds have split about evenly between voting yes or no, Bloom said.
However I still have to disagree with her that polling is based on a great deal of informed guesswork and that the pollsters, faced with a significant number of undecided voters, in the end just guessed how these people would vote.
Obama's supporters, on the other hand, were disappointed their candidate didn't display the fire needed to draw undecided voters to him.