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The archival documents we analyzed for the Chehalis Basin demonstrate the bimodal tendency of bureaucratic BCA in that it seems to exist in either of two forms: voluminous, largely undecipherable multi-volume reports or over-simplified shorthand references.
The way you repeatedly berated the staff in your high-pitched, screamy, undecipherable voice, then went even more crazy because they couldn't understand your gibberish was an embarrassment to behold.
Unfortunately, shad have 252 bones and three sets of ribs, which are arranged - for me, at least - in an undecipherable pattern.
A less undecipherable instance of midlevel abstracting can be found in a prophecy based on a vision from Oglala holy man Black Elk (DeMallie, 1984).
Sensitive information is secured through the use of tokenization or encryption, ensuring the data remains undecipherable when it is processed or stored in the cloud.
It's charming to look at, but totally undecipherable for those who can't read his elegant handwriting or don't know Norwegian.
If the pen is lost or stolen, the information that is on the pen cannot be decoded because it is encrypted with undecipherable "x" and "y" coordinates.
All sorts of gnats and moths and other bugs get flattened as well, their identities undecipherable from the smudges on the glass.
Lew's 'doodle-like eight-loop' signature, a cute but utterly undecipherable scrawl described as an 'unraveled slinky' by a graphologist, has drawn a lot of media buzz.
Skeptics of feng shui's interior design doctrine -- that physical space affects one's energy, mood and possibly even fate -- need only sit in the city's blood-pressure raising traffic congestion, filled with undecipherable odors and drab concrete sky rises seldom graced by a glimpse of natural flora.
To the participants in this scene, Peggy and Fred--punk-inflected, apocalyptic, content-maximalist--must have seemed like something created by an extraterrestrial civilization, a set of undecipherable xenolinguistic utterances.