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He said Pakistani nation should boycott all products of the enemy who has slapped this undeclared war on their country.
The post International operation to net undeclared assets appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In case of UN nuclear watchdog's report on Iran's undeclared nuclear materials, Najafi said that according to the IAEA standards, execution of safeguards would result in confirming the peaceful nature of declared sites of Iran.
MEPs call for a professionalization of domestic work to turn precarious and undeclared female work into recognized jobs, which would give domestic workers and carers social protection rights.
17 of the first 25 US FDA food recalls in 2015 were because of undeclared allergens.
Owners of undeclared gold must pay a fee of USD 200 or its equivalent value in the Syrian pound for each 1kg of gold to the Central Bank of Syria.
Before commencing however, undeclared work needs defining.
Nearly 5% of Bulgaria's population has undertaken undeclared work in 2013.
According to a presentation, the undeclared offal was detected at a level of one per cent or more, with some products containing more than one type of offal.
These undeclared ingredients make these products unapproved new drugs for which safety and efficacy have not been established.
Under the proposed plans, which were announced by the chancellor George Osbourne, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) would no longer need to prove that individuals who have undeclared income offshore intended to evade tax, in order for a criminal conviction to be handed down.