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By Saturday, March 26, 2011, it was clear that Ali Abdullah Saleh's regime was breathing its last gasps, and a dignified method was being sought for the seemingly undefeatable Saleh to step down.
If they set out homeward straight away, then--unless they had missed counting a day during the storm--they could still return to their families in time to celebrate the morning of the longest night of the year, the festival of the Undefeatable Sun.
It must be a testament to the undefeatable and forever optimistic human spirit, or humanist spirit, that the Chinese could still find ways to laugh about their traumatic Cultural Revolution experience.
This period is marked by the absence of any concerted efforts in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, or the Arabian Peninsula to resist Jewish colonization before it would become undefeatable.
The English team, previously perceived as an insipid and gutless bunch of also-rans, learned the Australian dare-and-do approach and, without being overawed by the Australian image of the undefeatable, gave them a taste of their own medicine, putting them on the back foot by an assertive and positive brand of play.
They want to portray themselves as being on the summit [of progress], undefeatable, and to portray other nations as miserable.
The Home Secretary's bleating about " pressure bombs" reveals his ignorance of the fact that pressure mines are the basic weapons of insurgents and not undefeatable atomic weapons.
The Iranian leader said "the myth of an undefeatable Israel was over.
No matter the color or gender, the sense of calling makes for an undefeatable spirit.
The success of the federation is the success of Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah which form an undefeatable union and a strong citadel that will not fall in front of challenges.
Kendrick's view of 1980s horror as packaged conservatively doesn't foreclose the subversive potential of economically successful horror franchises such as Friday the 13th, in which the evil that threatens quiet America is as undefeatable as the ghosts in Poltergeist.
Here's a chance to find out how it all ends, as Sam and Frodo finally reach Mount Doom, while their friends do battle with the evil Sauron's seemingly undefeatable army.