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Christmas calls us all to lay aside our own forms of warfare - irritation with our family, jealousy of our friends, hatred of our enemies - and to find a dif-different, a more undefended way of relating to each other.
But the lira, undefended, poses its own risks to the economy after falling 12 percent in value against the dollar this year.
Apparently the Welsh were left undefended by English archers following a quarrel on the eve of battle between the archers' commanders, the Earls of Devon and Pembroke.
children, roofs Undefended, all bear witness against your law.
One scenario puts the reader in between an aggressive dog and undefended kitten and shows how it's possible to intervene constructively without being swept up in the drama of the momentary crisis.
He also explained that unlike an undefended civilian compound, our strategic assets are well protected and an elaborate defensive mechanism is in place.
assets", said ISPR further, "the Forum reaffirmed that unlike an undefended
Injury has played a big part in the Londoner''s inactivity last year where bouts with Macklin fell by the wayside but Murray feels the domestic title has gone undefended for too long.
What followed was vintage Bangor as they made regular inroads into almost undefended County territory, scoring from virtually every other attack.
The section of coast between the promenade and Penarth Head contains The Kymin and a large number of private residences including a number of multioccupancy units and is undefended.
If Israel persists in its present policies of imposing apartheid in the West Bank, of strangulating Gaza, of carrying out carpet bombing of undefended Arab populations, it will continue to lose the liberal segments of its population to emigration.
He suggests that being with God in the moment -- naked, undefended, and of non-dual mind -- offers us our best chance of encountering the "Real Presence.