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Even the bride wealth was set with the understanding that the girl was undefiled.
The reason is that Tathagatas' bodies are pure and undefiled, endowed with divine dispositions .
The garden is undefiled rather than cultivated, as one would expect.
As long as she remained unmarried and thus in an undefiled state, the first husband is free to have a change of heart toward her.
This stretch of canal is one of the prettiest in Warwickshire and remains undefiled until suddenly on a specific day which brings the anglers out in their dozens the towpath is littered with cigarette packets, chocolate wrappers ice cream and lemonade cartons, sandwich papers and the lot.
Wind farms generate divided opinions and I love to see the natural world undefiled by mankind, but we have to face facts.
Citing Genesis 2:23-24 about the creation of Eve from Adam's rib and reflecting the Augustinian consensus of his colleagues, Peter holds that the institution of marriage was twofold: "The first was instituted in Paradise prior to sin as a duty [officium], when marriages would be undefiled [Heb 13:4] and from which [couples] would conceive without passion and bring forth without pain; the second was instituted outside Paradise after sin as a remedy [remedium] to avoid illicit passion.
For as her language soon shows, she knows that beneath the surface of things, in her essence, she is undefiled, "pure" (2.
315) Therefore, the universal Church remains unified and undefiled on the basis of a uniform interpretation of Scripture.
35) has been suddenly reversed; and it surely does not press the text too hard to read intactae (878), here referring to the clothes that fall off him of their own accord, as also obliquely signifying the body of Achilles himself, restored to its original undefiled state.
Only one container of oil that had remained undefiled was found, and while it should have lasted just one day, it lasted eight.