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That phenomenon, Heinz and his colleagues recognized, could give astronomers an opportunity to use the geometry of the rings and a time delay between deflected and undeflected X-rays to calculate the distance to Circinus X-1, a measurement previously unobtainable because the supernova is hidden in the dust that permeates the plane of our galaxy.
If the antihydrogen atoms had an electric charge, the field would deflect them, whereas neutral atoms would be undeflected.
To compare jumps performed with different grip heights the pole chord length at maximum pole bend was also expressed as a percentage of the undeflected pole chord length.
L] Poisson ratio v Table 3: Dimensional variables Gap between deflected blade and substrate B Gap between free end of blade (e= 0) and substrate B(0) Gap between undeflected blade position and substrate [B.
Looking past the present-day violence of radical Muslims, we see that, in the long run, the great struggle within Islam is to return to its spiritual roots undeflected by empire, tribe, or rigid legal norms.
Magnetic anomalies of the oceanic crust continue undeflected across the chains, proving their near-ridge origin.
The dimensions of the undeflected and deflected orifice plates used in this equation are illustrated in Figure 1.
The cross-sectional flow area is equal to the initial flow area of the undeflected channel (2a x [H.
So long as the poet excercises undeflected concentration regarding the suggested contents viz.
The measure of phenomenological criticism is to be sought, therefore, not in a standpoint or detached philosophical or scientific theory or system, but in life itself and the undeflected course of its natural experience.
1 m from the undeflected guide path was desirable to have adequate space for the experiments.
The primary burden of this article, therefore, will be to flesh this out in all its details, which will involve explaining, among other things, the role and place of undeflected practical reasons that have their source in the first practical principles, that is, the natural law.