undemanding job

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What's interesting to think about is that all are respected within the industry for their business acumen, which is a pretty good indication that, for most people you might hire, being happy at work doesn't have to equate with having an undemanding job.
I decided to take a year off, to decide whether to go on in biology, or whatever, and found an undemanding job.
130 BHP was up to the staggeringly undemanding job of pushing this pile of plop to 120mph, with the magic 60 coming up in a leisurely 11 seconds.
Most men, I venture, seek nothing more from life than a well-paid but undemanding job, a finite number of close mates, a wife or girlfriend who wears bright-red catalogue lingerie at least once a month and a quiet Sunday.
At the same time, citizens in the Gulf region should change the perception built over the years especially after the discovery of oil, on entitlement to undemanding jobs in the public sector, while business has grown accustomed to the strong growth recently experienced by the oil-producing economies.
Along with the expansion of jobs has gone an expansion in salaries, with quite undemanding jobs being rewarded with salaries undreamed of in private industry.
Research by Texas University showed that people who spent most of their lives in undemanding jobs had a 43 per cent risk of dying prematurely.
John then decided to work for a degree and put a lifetime of undemanding jobs behind him, including eight years as a forklift truck driver.