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The benefit from such measures here is unneeded, undemonstrated and unlikely, yet all these and more are being imposed without even any plan to monitor and evaluate their effect.
But one candidate reason--that people who are coerced to say things that they do not believe are harmed by saying those things--remains undemonstrated, despite the prevalence of the belief that they are harmed.
TACOM is looking for previously undemonstrated technologies that can improve safety, survivability, reliability and mission readiness, and that can be available for production within six months of completing the verification process.
5) Figure 2 assumes similar maintenance variables as the F-16 in lieu of undemonstrated F-35 performance and projects an average 2.
Check out undemonstrated or unsubstantiated claims of the supplier.
By 2006 an additional 10 interceptors are to be available, increasing the chances for interception, but still requiring an unrealistic, and certainly undemonstrated, success rate.
As Aristotle said, "We are bound to give heed to the undemonstrated sayings and opinions of the experienced and the aged, not less than to demonstrations; because, from their having the eye for experience, they behold the principles of things.
Had Stalin's "oceanic" fleet actually been built, whether a shift of orientation by him or his admirals toward "global naval power" would have occurred remains undemonstrated and problematic.
Surrounded by a fawning media and an adoring public, the commander-in-chief will take on previously undemonstrated characteristics of wisdom and courage.
In addition, its purported protection against liability for debt remains undemonstrated and would, in any event, vary by state.
Why these well-argued conclusions should apply so directly to Late Bronze cities, however, is undemonstrated.
But in declining this task, his charge that I "insinuate" rather than "infer" meaning in words and events, remains an undemonstrated accusation against which no defense is required.