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Next morning MacWhirr stood before them unperturbed, having travelled from London by the midnight express after a sudden but undemonstrative parting with his wife.
Sanderling was in undemonstrative command throughout, maintaining the balance between structural control and expressiveness.
He is very undemonstrative in his work and we don't ask him serious questions on the gallops.
7 NEIL TAYLOR A typically undemonstrative performance from the full-back who chased and harried and never gave an inch to the Clarets.
An undemonstrative, seemingly tireless worker in both attack and defence.
The effect is subdued and undemonstrative, and draws the spectator into the spare, womb-like space created by the overhanging canopy.
Us is a quiet joy, written with an undemonstrative simplicity that is hard to achieve.
At such gatherings, however, her minimal sculptures have often stood out--or rather stepped back--as notably undemonstrative, even somewhat morose presences.
What Winston Churchill referred to as "their finest hour" was the quiet, undemonstrative heroism of the Battle of Britain pilots who prevented what had seemed an almost certain invasion by Hitler's troops in 1941.
Caves lovingly clutched his bottle of bubbly, Binns wondered where it all went right and the undemonstrative Smith and Caskie had the content look of men who'd just worked out a particularly tricky piece of self-assembly furniture.
His emotions have never got the better of Moore, but the usually undemonstrative threetime champion beamed as he returned to the winner's enclosure.
But he made no mistake this time, pushing an undemonstrative single to cover off leg-spinner Imran Tahir to complete his five-hour hundred in 222 balls - having hit 11 fours and one six.