undeniable fact

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and Charlie fell a-musing over this undeniable fact.
Marilla felt helplessly that all this should be sternly reproved, but she was hampered by the undeniable fact that some of the things Anne had said, especially about the minister's sermons and Mr.
I don't know why it should be so, but it is an undeniable fact that there is nothing makes a man look so supremely ridiculous as losing his hat.
So strange and so brief was the episode, that the watchers might have found it hard to believe it themselves or persuade other people of it, had it not been for the undeniable fact that the circlet of gold which marked her as having been a bride had disappeared.
They say no when they mean yes, and drive a man out of his wits just for the fun of it," returned Laurie, entrenching himself behind an undeniable fact.
Caddy was not at all deficient in natural affection for her mother, but mentioned this with tears as an undeniable fact, which I am afraid it was.
The first person was a vivacious, irascible old gentleman, who persisted in treating the undeniable fact of his age on the footing of a scandalous false report set afloat by Time.
He said that it was an undeniable fact that Pakistan Peoples Party was real representative of Minorities in Sindh.
It is an undeniable fact that our freedom grew on over 1,000 years of Christian tradition and morality, with a few bumps, but the final result is clearly visible.
It has nothing to do with the undeniable fact that black lives, and all lives, matter--and has everything to do with lawlessly empowering the out-of-control federal leviathan even further.
However, it is an undeniable fact that many in South Wales do not feel Welsh, until it comes to sport.
This will be a significant meeting for discussions on gender equality something we continue to strive for globally given the undeniable fact that too many women and girls still face human rights violations on a daily basis.