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He's expected at noon, and no wight till he comes May profane the great chair, or the porridge of plums For the best of the cheer, and the seat by the fire, Is the undenied right of the Barefooted Friar.
More words from Jacky were necessary--words unequivocal, undenied.
There has been abundance of undenied evidence ofthe Israeli direct and indirect support to theterrorist organizations operating in Syria, the last but notthe least of which was the Israeli aggression onal-Amal farms in Quneitra few days ago in a blatantviolation of the UN resolutions on thedisengagement area in the occupied Syrian Golan.
The violations of our rights are obvious, undenied and undeniable.
Clr Pankhurst has brought nothing but shame on himself and the Greens by his undenied actions.
brought to an end by the armistice, he proudly bore spurious veteran signs: uniform, pilot's wings, officer's cane, and a limp, not to mention the apocryphal stories left undenied about his plane being shot down in France.
But there has been much undenied speculation that she will put her name forward to become Cardiff West's Labour Assembly candidate to replace Rhodri Morgan when he stands down in 2011.
Who was previously suspended from Eton for smoking cannabis, according to undenied reports this year?
Chelsea's injured captain John Terry has become the latest player to defend the Ivorian striker and insist that the player remains committed to the club despite the hard-hitting - and undenied - comments in the influential magazine France Football.
We've had undenied love from the whole family in supporting him through his addiction.
They'll never really be right, nor will Johnny ever make a convincing actor, until their grief is undenied and dealt with.
It was Gary Neville who famously talked of the "cynical" and "stale" elements which had been purged after Eriksson's arrival, an undenied reference to Alan Shearer, Tony Adams and Stuart Pearce.