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Conscientiousness versus Unconscientiousness refers to an inclination toward purposeful planning, organization, persistence, and reliability versus impulsivity, aimlessness, laziness, and undependability.
Two shots are quickly delivered without mechanical manipulation of a bolt or the unsettling undependability of a semi-auto.
The objective in arming US Army helicopters in Vietnam in the early 1960s was likewise to provide fire suppression around landing zones, a need in this case brought on by the undependability of South Vietnamese artillery fire and fixed-wing support.
There is a measure of continuity in this regard between the novel and 'A Slip-up' (from Getting Through), where the elderly Michael's increasing undependability and forgetfulness are presented under two contradictory aspects, on the one hand as a retreat from the challenges of living in the present but on the other as a recovery of the undivided self of childhood: