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She argues that poets, by speaking for and through female victims of violence and rape and through violated male figures such as Actaeon and Orpheus, reveal the fragility of their own gendered identity and the undependability of public eloquence.
Woolf marshals considerable data from inventories, wills, and catalogs -- carefully emphasizing their undependability -- in tables and graphs to make visible "the gradual increase in historical readership during the later sixteenth century" (137).
The Eighth Circuit reversed, and, instead of remanding for a nunc pro tunc Daubert hearing, with the fate of the conviction turning on the result of that hearing, the court took judicial notice of the undependability of the portable breath test machine by reference to other reported cases concerning it, and reversed and remanded for a new trial.
A REALISTIC INVESTMENT STRATEGY for future military supremacy must begin by recognizing some basic realities: America's geographical remoteness from likely theaters of military involvement; the undependability of key allies, who may lack the resources or resolve to participate in coalition warfare; the ongoing proliferation of advanced military technologies, including those related to weapons of mass destruction; the uncertainty of future access to overseas bases; and the traditional reluctance of Americans to sacrifice their fellow citizens' lives in wars with limited or unclear objectives.