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Gannett is accused of unfairly underbidding for lucrative government ad contracts and of keeping ad rates artificially low until competitors die, then jacking them up.
once again resemble the turn-of-the-century heyday of the preunion American sweatshop: a work force of underskilled women, toiling in fly-by-night factories where labor costs are cut to the bone from underbidding, and where benefits, safety, and health insurance are unheard of.
If you're black, you can't get a job by underbidding a rival white worker and showing you're every bit as good.
Many overly enthusiastic management firms win projects by underbidding the competition.
Ostrovsky says discerning bidders, however, see that underbidding is often still the wiser strategy.
Underbidding and cost overruns are common in defense contracting, because contractors like Lockheed know they can go back to the government and ask for more money to cover their actual costs.
He said: "We think Kraft is underbidding the potential synergies and see the high Kraft equity component to the consideration as a deterrent for Cadbury shareholders.
On questions of whether the project was resistant to underbidding and cost overruns, Mr.
At the same time, underbidding a project makes a company look cheap.
When Borst Landscape & Design of Allendale, N J, established its commercial division in 2004, founder Mark Borst wasn't looking to achieve a rapid critical mass of clients by underbidding low-cost operators.
Gradually, rumours began to surface that all was not right in the desert state and there were many unanswered questions about the underbidding on lots bought by Sheikh Saud for well in excess of their estimates.
It wasn't a case of underbidding the former managers - each contract-holder gets paid a set percentage of moorage fees collected at the marina he or she oversees.