undercover work

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The FBI has certified a certain number of special agents with CPA credentials to perform undercover work.
Done right, undercover work can be a very effective law-enforcement method, but it carries serious risks and should only be undertaken with proper training, supervision and oversight,'' said Michael German, a former FBI undercover agent who is a fellow at New York University's law school.
Ian believes cutbacks have made undercover work a low priority and warns that lives are being endangered because police now wait for a crime to be committed before acting.
Enthusiasm for undercover methods cooled after the Chicago Sun-Times was denied a Pulitzer Prize for its elaborate undercover work exposing tax fraud and bribery of city officials.
deceptions and those of undercover work may be a matter of a degree, but
Specifically, the assessor and counselor provide the candidate with information regarding the qualities and traits that distinguish effective UCEs, the stressors that they commonly face, the possible pitfalls of undercover work, and the skills and abilities critical to success in undercover roles.
The swoop came after months of undercover work by detectives determined to bust what they believe was a national and local drugs distribution network.
As they do their undercover work, more bombings occur that affect them personally and a tragedy strikes close to home.
Realistic details about undercover work are on every page (thanks to McNab's background) and we really care about Danny and Elena, and admire the skill of Danny's grandfather.
A combination of community intelligence and undercover work led to the arrest of five men and a woman, five of whom have now been charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs and remanded in custody.
Kelly went on to cite the exposure the CSLB has received in regard to its undercover work against unlicensed contractors.
A cop who was named Texas Officer of the Year for his undercover work in Tulia, the son of a widely admired Texas Ranger, says a known crackhead or an unemployed high school dropout delivered cocaine to him.