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Determining the proper amount of undercut for these pullers is extremely difficult, and the window between having sufficient holding force to pull out the molded sprue, versus the undercut shearing off and leaving flakes on the parting line, is extremely narrow.
Then cut in from the top all the way through to meet the undercut.
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, is to undercut the Tesla Model 3 by around USD7,000 when it is launched, according to a Volkswagen executive.
Finger et al have divided this force in to the following three components: 1) the under pressure created during removal of the impression material from the undercut; 2) the friction created as the deformed impression material moves along the surfaces; and 3) the deformation required to remove the impression from the undercut region.
A big reason the undercut is so popular is its versatility.
LABOUR will create a special Home Office Enforcement Unit with more than 100 staff to "root out the illegal exploitation which undercuts wages and conditions for local workers".
The undercut has been around for ever - we started really doing undercuts in the mid 80s - they were punk and post punk then they popped up again during Grunge and Britpop and now they have become the haircut of choice for the fashion world.
And she has refused to do anything to stop recruitment agencies and employers exploiting immigration to undercut local wages and jobs.
If we had an English parliament we would still be building ships, we would have an Amazon centre, our airports would not be undercut, all our taxes spent on improving things up here (no Barnett Formula).
Three years ago Bekaert Carding Solutions successfully introduced SiroLock and high performing doffer/worker wire which features a substantially horizontal step undercut on the tooth front.
Other embodiments allow sipe blades that have an undercut in the direction of draw in, their midportion and side portions without undercuts to be easily made and installed.
To produce undercut mouldings, a split-type lower mould part with movable segments is used.