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At the same time, an undercut or textured exterior surface can make the parts difficult to remove from the cavity without deforming or marring the show surface of the part.
check] Pour Cups/Angle Plates: flush with parting line, loose bolts, undercuts.
The rubber mold reproduces detail and undercuts, but the rigid shell maintains the overall shape.
Metal collar forming is a two-step process using standard metal-shaping tools to punch holes in the sheet and draw and shape these into collars with undercuts to enhance joining strength.
This analysis highlights parting lines, undercuts, wall thicknesses, and draft angles, and provides insight on how to construct the tool.
rolled out its Z3600 line of collapsible cores for demolding threads and internal undercuts in cylindrical injection molds.
It performs draft analysis to identify undercuts and zero-draft areas though a user-defined color map of draft angles.
The system uses proprietary three-axis CNC routers for drilling, and trimming operations to create bosses, recesses, ribs, interlocks, undercuts, and edge detailing.
Roehr's expandable cavities (also available from D-M-E) eliminate the need for costly side actions on parts with undercuts and similar features.
For example, undercuts typically require some bench work.
Today's sophisticated thermoform tooling can involve complex slides, undercuts and other moving sections.
Called the Two-Way Mixing Screw, its essential features include multiple parallel screw channels, provision of regions of compression and decompression (shallow and deep channel sections), and undercuts on the flight tips to allow forward and backward flow between the parallel channels.