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And a similar number underestimated the calories in a medium latte and blueberry muffin (620 Kcals).
Eighty percent of them underestimated their child's weight, compared to 7.
But children's cancer charity CLIC Sargent found 31 per cent of adults in the West Midlands underestimated this number, while 26 per cent said they did not know.
The predominant direction of estimation error varied by race/ethnicity Of the white women, 10% accurately estimated their risk, 39% underestimated, and 51% overestimated their risk.
Weeks, throughout the last 26 years, has had such compassion on abused, bullied and underestimated women.
Smokers also underestimated how much money goes on cigarettes.
He said: "Argentina's style of play has not changed much since 2007, and they have not played much rugby, but people underestimated them in France and look what happened.
A report by St Dunstan's, a charity which cares for former servicemen and women, found that the number of troops seriously injured in battle is underestimated by more than half of the population.
I think he has underestimated me and, if he has, he's in for a shock.
The NATO secretary general has acknowledged that the US and its allies underestimated the difficulty of the mission when they launched the war in Afghanistan.
SG) has indicated that investors have massively underestimated opportunities in Asia.
I completely underestimated him back in 2002 when I played him," he said.