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People were also more likely to underestimate calories if they had a big meal, or if they also underestimated how many calories they need in a day.
AMSTERDAM -- Patients with type 1 diabetes often underestimate the amount of carbohydrates in their meals, Dr.
Health care providers consistently underestimate the amount of postpartum blood loss, and adding calibrations to vaginal delivery drapes could improve blood loss estimates, results of a randomized crossover study suggest.
Sixth-year pupils also underestimate the amount they will spend on clothes by pounds 27.
The researchers caution that these data are likely to be underestimates.
The (environmental impact) report totally underestimates the traffic impact,'' she said.
The black community in Britain is succeeding in a variety of top professions - but still massively underestimates its contribution to the national economy, according to a new survey.
While the Census acknowledges the rapid growth in the number of our businesses (46%, from 422,1155 in 1987 to 620,912 in 1992), because of a gap in its surveying procedures, it severely distorts and underestimates the economic impact of black-owned enterprises, in terms of both sales and employment.