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ALEX FERGUSON say there is no chance of Manchester United underestimating the threat posed by AS Roma in the Champions League quarter-final tonight.
Mencken once quipped that ``No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people,'' and that may be true.
I felt that people would underestimate them and by underestimating an international team then you are going to come unstuck.
Britons are underestimating how much they need to save to have a decent income during retirement.
Employers may be seriously underestimating the costs of employee health problems.
But a moment's reconsideration makes clear that lending the November date such magnitude is the classic mistake of overestimating the short-term and underestimating the long-term effects.
The two greatest risks are underestimating the work required to be Y2K compliant and failing to understand the full consequences of completing this effort on time.
Underestimating Your CompetitorsThere are very few marketing ideas in the foundry industry that cannot be copied.
Such filtering, therefore, risks greatly underestimating the chances that insoluble pollutants are hitching long rides with passing colloids.
As the Baby Boomers approach retirement, far too many of them are underestimating how much time they will spend in retirement and how much income they will actually need once they stop working.
Richard Brown, head of savings at HSBC, said: "Life's big events can be expensive and many who are yet to undergo them are significantly underestimating the costs involved.
London, Feb 20 (ANI): It has emerged that Britons are underestimating the cost of life's major events by at least 124,000 pounds.