underground activity

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Shawwal 05, 1436, July 21, 2015, SPA -- The Alaska Volcano Observatory says underground activity is increasing at Cleveland Volcano in the Aleutians Islands, according to AP.
Days of Rage relies not only on historical research, but on interviews with some of the principal activists, living in obscurity but still defiant about their underground activity.
The project focuses, for one, on the artistic exploration of totalitarian or real-socialist practices, rituals, and gestures, but also on artistic ways of action developed in the course of underground activity.
With the informal economy worth an estimated $360 billion, new policies aim to add all of this underground activity to Egypt's recorded output.
Underground activity is currently focused on driving a ramp to access the Terneras vein at deeper levels and a crosscut to the San Mateo East vein, as well as stoping on the San Mateo West and Roca Negra veins, where mined material is removed from the mine in 20-ton trucks.
But a hard core remains and the practice of egg collecting, or "egging", continues as an underground activity in the UK.
Underground activity comprises 20 to 40 percent of most urban economies, Venkatesh reports, but that doesn't mean it's identical from city to city.
Reports in the local media said that Saudis in the south have long complained about waves of Africans, mainly from Ethiopia, coming illegally into the country, often assisted by smugglers thriving in a lucrative underground activity.
Bootlegging is a bottom-up activity, typically initiated by individuals low in the organization hierarchy (Daft 1978); it is an underground activity (Aram 1973) that is unbudgeted, unofficial, and non-programmed (Augsdorfer 1996).
To enthusiasts the underground activity is a harmless hobby saving hundreds of historical artefacts.
The Ontario Construction Secretariat estimates that average annual government revenue losses (municipal, provincial and federal combined) from underground activity in construction average $1.
Seismologists registered underground activity of magnitude 5.