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Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man begins and ends with the narrator positioned in "black" underground space which can be seen as an expression of "white" modernist understandings of cultural process as a solitary and stationary exercise of mind.
Underground Solutions has developed the Duraliner(TM) Water Line Replacement System which allows municipalities to completely rehabilitate deteriorated underground water lines with minimal excavation resulting in a substantial cost savings over conventional "dig and replace" methods.
Cederna stated, "I am extremely optimistic about the growth prospects for this newly approved solution for replacement of our country's underground drinking water lines.
Underground Solution's patented technology, Duraliner(TM) is the latest technology for renewing our nation's rapidly deteriorating water line infrastructure.
The Duraliner Pipe Rehabilitation System allows for the efficient and economical repair and/or replacement of damaged or corroded underground pipes without the need for extensive digging or disruption of surface traffic.