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The listing, the first ever by ICBC in the Middle East, underlines Dubai's successful growth as a global financial centre.
After doubling its client base in the past year, Underline Transcription is launching a Welsh language transcription service as it looks to grow its client base with universities, market research and legal companies in Wales.
The Last Republic, from Swansea, and Underline The Sky, from Ipswich, will appear in the same line-up as Oasis, The Killers and Snow Patrol.
Question: The document underlines the need for "emotional maturity" of the candidates to the priesthood facing "spiritual paternity" and of a "correct relationship with men and women," whom the priest will meet in his pastoral ministry.
A dollar sign is used before the first number in a column, before a number which has a double underline and before the first number following a number which is doubly underlined.
T9 Text Output also offers users multiple font sizes and styles, as well as bold, underline and italics, in more than 25 languages.
He said, "These results underline the significance of Modrenal as a breast cancer treatment, and explain why the drug can provide doctors with a therapeutic option when choices for the patient are fast running out.
The other printing solution comes from The InStep Group's InStep Print product, which illustrates a new document rendering and rasterizing technology that will handle virtually any document formatting, such as bold, italics and underline.
In a statement released public, Friday, the Foreign Ministry underlines that the Tunisian expatriates in Burkina Faso are sound and safe.
In an interview with CNA, Zeitz said that this is the first visit of a leader of the German government to the Republic of Cyprus, which underlines the importance of Cyprus for Germany.
All Microsoft did was give you the option: full time underlines or only when you press the Alt key.