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In early November, Iraq's Ahl al-Haq Popular Forces Spokesman Naim al-Aboudi warned Washington against hatching plots for his country, and meantime underlined that the Baghdad government would never accept the presence of the US forces in Iraq.
He underlined visible changes in cooperation between two countries in various areas.
This UHT gasification technique represents the ideal solution to eliminate most Municipal Solid Waste and all forms of plastics and hydro carbon elements with the exception of glass, metal, sand, stone and construction debris underlined Minister Aimee.
The two ministers also underlined necessity of boosting efforts to develop defensive cooperation between the two countries.
Mejdoub underlined the importance of the national strategy of territory development which takes into account the peculiarities of each region.
The Ambassador underlined the importance of mega-infrastructural projects which were of direct concern to Japan including the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) and the Japanese Special Economic Zone (JSEZ).
He affirmed the government's keenness to provide a prosperous life for this segment of the Bahraini community, empowering and rehabilitating them in order to be able to enter the market, and he underlined that forming this committee goes in this direction.
On his participation in the conference on the Maliki Fiqh, the Libyan official underlined the uniqueness of this school in the light of developments witnessed by the Islamic world.
The head of state said Azerbaijan and Iran have active cooperation in all spheres and underlined that political relations strengthened and added: "There are good results in the economic sphere; concrete projects are implemented in transport and energy sectors,"
The Chancellor looks forward to her visit to Cyprus," Zetiz said, adding that "Germany's vivid interest in Cyprus is underlined by this visit as well as the importance of your country for Germany.
The threats of the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) should not be underestimated as no country is safe from the AQIM's terrorist threats, including the UK, Burt underlined in an interview published on Tuesday by the Moroccan French-speaking daily "Le Matin du Sahara et du Maghreb".
All underlined language MUST be as written, because this is mandatory, approved language passed by the House of Delegates.