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Essa Kazim, Governor of DIFC and Chairman of DFM, said: "Dubai's growing capital markets links with China underline the Emirate's role as a successful international financial centre that attracts participation from around the world.
The ILA gives a boost to business and science in the entire region, and in particular it also underlines the importance of Berlin/Brandenburg as a centre for aviation.
UNFT underlines that the start of this new stage of changes and reforms is marked by a political climate which consecrates a modern pluralistic democratic practice, reasserting that Tunisian women, who benefit today from attributes of dignity, pride and confidence in the future, reject practices of some sides who dare to harm the country and accept to be subservient to foreign sides.
3G from Siemens in Bahrain underlines our goal to be the first choice as a mobile network supplier worldwide - fast and reliable.
The WCDMA contract with 3 in Denmark underlines Ericsson's position as the world's leading supplier of 3G mobile systems.
The program restores formatting from the PC including bold, italics, underlines, justifications, outlines, tables and even color.
Europe is expected to account for a third of all Internet usage by the year 2005, and this launch underlines Sendmail's commitment to its loyal customer base.
amp;uot;Neal's appointment underlines our commitment to a global franchise in our high grade businesses.
And while many of these consumers have yet to embrace the internet, this significant off-line ad presence underlines the internet's massive commercial potential, particularly for consumer retail.
Her scholarship underlines one of the goals of the partnership--to pave the way for promising high school students to continue their studies in the viticulture program at Santa Rosa Junior College.