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The costs of Washington's choice will be high: for international justice, for the victims of war criminals who will go unpunished, and for the entire web of international norms and institutions that will be undermined by another American abstention from a key body (remember the fate of the League of Nations).
A county fire bulldozer entered the side of the park, going over a hill from Sierra Highway to access several residents stranded as waters rose and undermined their mobile homes' supports.
Progressives are concerned about the separation of churches from a state that may play religious favorites; left-leaning churchmen are worried that Washington will muffle their calls for social justice; libertarians predict that charity's voluntary essence will be undermined by federal pottage.
And the Russian central bank, led by Communist-era apparatchik Viktor Gerashchenko, undermined Gaidar's anti-inflation strategy by relentlessly printing money.
The result is a somewhat unwieldy monument to inductive scholarship; especially for the non-specialist, the work's undoubted virtues are undermined by significant limitations - of which a major one is the lack of a bibliography.
To this end, Braider argues that the naturalism of northern Renaissance and baroque painting undermined the belief in allegory necessary to sustain an "ut pictura poesis" conception of art and thereby paved the way for modernist "analyses of the possibilities and constraints embedded in the actual material medium" (251) of painting and literature.
To be sort of undermined by somebody that was in the position he was in last year, Kobe, saying that Karl is a distraction, is really just not appropriate,'' Manley said.
The Charter of Rights is said to have been Trudeau's finest legacy, yet nothing has undermined Canada's democratic heritage faster.
It's whether he has abused or undermined his office.
What makes this book especially good are the simple countexamples Rothblatt presents to undermine traditional arguments (and so many traditional arguments are undermined in this book
The hegemonic unity which Leps decries was in fact undermined by the enormous variety of newspapers available in late nineteenth-century Britain.