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Bounderby had taken possession of a house and grounds, about fifteen miles from the town, and accessible within a mile or two, by a railway striding on many arches over a wild country, undermined by deserted coal-shafts, and spotted at night by fires and black shapes of stationary engines at pits' mouths.
As to the percussion-caps, he had almost resolved, in the bitterness of his heart, that he would throw them into a neighboring pond; for not only was he the solitary pupil, but he began even to have a certain scepticism about guns, and a general sense that his theory of life was undermined.
The tavern to which it belonged was a crazy building, sapped and undermined by the rats, and only upheld by great bars of wood which were reared against its walls, and had propped it up so long that even they were decaying and yielding with their load, and of a windy night might be heard to creak and crack as if the whole fabric were about to come toppling down.
Stormont's Justice committee chairman Paul Givan slammed the agency's legal stand calling it "undemocratic" and warned it seriously undermined the Assembly.
The FA Cup has been undermined in many ways and in many quarters, for varying reasons - but we certainly won't ever undermine it," said Dalglish.
Global Banking News-16 June 2010-RBI governor says crisis has undermined independence of central banks(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Miss one of in the as Miss Marsh's well-earned position CEO has been undermined by the media who have sought to imply that her success is based only on her private life.
The public health goal of reducing tobacco use by raising cigarette taxes may be undermined in disadvantaged minority communities by illegal cigarette sales, an August AJPH study found.
He has undermined our immigration laws, which are necessary for the protection of our nation's borders.
The current employment verification process has not fundamentally changed since its establishment in 1986, and ongoing weaknesses in the process have undermined its effectiveness,'' auditors wrote.
Second, The Passion is not revisionist nor has it undermined Catholic-Jewish relations other than the irritation caused to Catholics when activist spokesmen of the secular Jewish community condemned it before it was even finished; and condemned it for the wrong reason, namely for remaining faithful to the biblical text.
By treating architecture as a question of style, and by demonstrating that he could change his style with the times, Johnson undermined the meaning of style.