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It undermines the Trusts themselves and their ability to plan for the future.
Unfortunately, many fathers' rights activists undermine their cause by resorting to extreme rhetoric.
Many advocates of creationism argue that teaching Darwinian evolution undermines Christian faith and morals.
government is pursuing a doctrine of so-called preemptive use of force both in policy and military action, which ultimately threatens to undermine nonproliferation goals.
In the letter to Finance Minister Paul Martin, TEI noted that, while the specific legislation affects only affects a narrow group of TEI member companies with "resource expenditures," the practice of introducing retroactive legislative affecting transactions and expenditures more than 11 years ago could undermine taxpayer confidence in the fairness, and perceived fairness, of the self-assessment tax system.
The real issue is adherence to the Constitution, and whether the courts actively undermine it or actively defend it.
Tree stems laying at different angles sluice water off in new directions, chewing out meanders and backwaters - and finding new trees to undermine.
Their jokes undermine the boss's authority because they point up that he or she doesn't understand why the jokes are funny.
We can see that break coming in Bacon, who is more aware of internal reality than Manet was: Bacon's ironical painterliness undermines his suggestions of his subjects' external surfaces, and signals their inner states.
This memory deficit undermines effective monitoring of others' responses during social encounters and often results in illogical and disconnected statements, he says.
A lack of policy cohesion consistently undermines Europes attempt to get the second phase back on track and the EU collectively misses its Kyoto targets.
I'm not overly concerned what other clubs do but yes it undermines it slightly, yes.