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The effects of organizational life of the negative aspects of close relationships between social interaction and personal details have been mentioned, including social undermining special attention
Undermining Nurse: If the baby drank a few bottles of formula would it really make a difference?
The protectionist conduct of some EU countries risks rolling back some hard-won progress in the single market and undermining the market integration that underpins the common currency.
The true allegiances and agenda of the ACLU, which has been undermining America for 90 years, should be obvious by now.
Third, secular Jewish individuals across Europe and North America, including Canada, continue to be the lead agitators for the removal of Christian symbols, and the undermining and removal of Christian principles in law, politics, and almost every other area where morality plays a role.
But rather than undermining Social Security by diverting payroll taxes into private accounts, Congress should move to buttress the existing system by raising the cap on earnings that are subject to taxes, adjusting benefits for inflation more accurately, and dedicating to Social Security the revenue from a tax on estates in excess of $3.
This is not exactly the same thing as undermining architecture, which presumably can survive changes in style.
SANTA CLARITA - More than 4 inches of rain pounded the Santa Clarita Valley on Sunday in the latest wave of winter storms, forcing evacuations, prompting rescues, undermining roads and turning normally dry waterways into raging, muddy rivers.
His administration's penchant for secrecy and the undermining of virtually all of the pre-war intelligence don't help him seem like a politics-free sort of guy.
We spent far too much time finding fault with one another, much to the delight of our enemies, who were content to watch us undermine our own case rather than undermining theirs.
Through their evolving bilateral policies, nuclear weapons state parties to the NPT are increasingly integrating Israel, India, and Pakistan into the international community as legitimate nuclear powers outside of the NPT regime, undermining incentives for non-nuclear weapon states to remain within the treaty.