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Replacing the old level crossing on Lloyd Street with the new underpass will ensure emergency service vehicles are not delayed by a train when transporting patients in potentially life-threatening situations.
It may be mentioned here that Shadman underpass is full depth two-way underpass with two and a half lanes for each side.
He said that space available along with the underpass should be made available for traffic flow.
The project also comprises a dual carriageway with four lanes, service roads, a cycle track in each direction, the construction of two underpass interchanges; at New Wajbah, and Al Dehailiyat Army Camp.
In particular, coyotes used one underpass in the control zone more frequently than any other structure in the study area during both sampling periods.
The underpass is one of several which takes pedestrians under the busy Customs Roundabout.
Johnson said he tends to cross from one side of Hamdan Street to the other about four times a day, and he always uses the underpass.
The construction work began in 2008 and the underpass was scheduled to be completed by Sept.
The Al-Siteen Street underpass was built for the purpose of avoiding traffic accidents.
The East Howdon underpass, near Howdon, in North Tyneside, has been transformed into the new urban art wall by the Phoenix Detached Youth Project.
Driving from Al Asri to Industrial Area, commuters will first need to travel through an underpass at Decoration Interchange, and then reach the second tunnel at the Vegetable Market Interchange and finally pass through the Faleh Bin Nasser Interchange, which is actually not too far from the Industrial Area.
In underpass PA1 modules are made of concrete type C30/37, according to EN206-1: 2000 Concrete --Part 1: Specification, Performance, Production and Conformity, while in underpasses PA2 and PA3 they are made of concrete type C25/30.