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The Department of Social Protection invites tenders for a consultancy service to review the Department s operating culture and values, to articulate agreed culture and values and provide an approach to ensure the agreed culture and values underpin all aspects of the Department s Work.
stocks on Tuesday helped underpin the risk aversion, but was aided by the disappointing Alcoa results, with the EUR under particular selling pressure after the dire Irish budget and forecasts for Ireland growth to decline by over 7% this year.
In addition, PMI Australia provides credit enhancement for residential mortgage-backed securitization (RMBS) programs, which underpin much of the mortgage lending from the non-bank sector.
He will say defence "provides the security and the peace of mind that underpins almost every single other area of this debate".
The new programme of projects will underpin future growth including site acquisitions, major new planning wins and partnerships.
SWFs can be classed into two main categories, each of which underpins sovereign support in different ways.
Loss-making Austrian Airlines plans to raise EUR350 million euros (USD$445 million) in a rights issue backed by key shareholders to underpin a return to profitability, the carrier said on Tuesday.
The royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton offers an opportunity for people to learn again the values that underpin Christian marriage.
Subsequent chapters introduce the weird and amazing concepts that underpin this field, from Schrodinger's cat and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle to superposition and entanglement.
The aim of this book is to present the scientific and technical principles that underpin the industry and which are used increasingly by industrialists and academics working with flavours.
The platform will underpin the vast majority of the company's new vehicles and is designed to be equipped with a transversally mounted engine.
The bank said higher oil prices "will support fiscal conditions in Abu Dhabi and underpin the non-oil project spending pipeline.