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Admittedly, there is an industry agreement in place, designed to ensure continuity of cover for homes that have had to be underpinned.
It found that, while the national and religious identities which had underpinned difference and division in Northern Ireland still remain, an increasing number of people are moving away from the traditional labels of Irish Catholic or British Protestant.
But just as we now know that many nonreligious motivations underpinned the classic "wars of religion" we should not be too surprised that religious motives played a part in an earlier period.
This new Model has four distinct stages, and is directly underpinned by Moore's [5] Theory of Transactional Distance which tries to measure the psychological distance between the student and the information to be learnt, an approach which has been widely accepted as an effective theory underlying and informing open and distance education.
Likewise, although the recent shift towards higher fiscal deficits in the United States and several other industrial countries has strongly underpinned aggregate demand and economic activity in the short run, the key will be to ensure that macroeconomic policies operate in a sustainable fashion over the longer term.
With mortgage rates at a 50-year low, benign employment prospects and affordability levels well below the long-term average, the housing market continues to be underpinned by strong fundamentals.
My hope for the National Assembly is that it will help us to forge a new way of working together in Wales: a way of working based on listening to each other, underpinned by justice and equity,' read the message.
Yet the material and formal qualities are also underpinned by the sense that a significant piece of the city has finally been returned to its citizens.
Obtain country-specific consumer insight to understand the consumer attitudes and needs that underpinned innovation success/failure.
After all, simple logic would suggest that a property that has been fully underpinned (assuming the work was done properly, of course) should actually be a safer bet than the one next door which hasn't
Consequently, noone should seriously consider buying any underpinned property without first - at a bare minimum - having a full structural survey done.
Summary: There may be a cross-party deal on a new system of press regulation but whether it is underpinned by law is still being debated.