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However there are concerns about the quality of the software that underpins all of this, and we have not seen significant improvements.
THE UK's shared defence forces provide the "security and peace of mind" which underpin almost every area of the debate on Scottish independence, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has said.
The contract also underpins our expansion plans for the Niteroi plant and allows us to support the growth ambitions of our customers in Brazil.
According to the report from Standard & Poor's Ratings Services, titled "How Sovereign Wealth Funds Are Underpinning Gulf States' Credit Quality", SWFs underpin fiscal and external stability for their sponsoring nations, and have become integral to their sovereign creditworthiness.
Most importantly, we need to continue to adapt our cooperation with central banks and financial supervisors, and the analytical work that underpins it, to the ever-changing demands of the global economy.
Beijing understands that it is access to broad, liquid and diverse capital markets that underpins America's power.
To be part of the new technology development on such a key launch program is very significant to us and underpins the true value of our tools," said Philippe Collard, President and CEO of eNGENUITY Technologies Inc.
Shadow RTE mainframe integration technology underpins the mission critical integration of more than 500 of the world's largest enterprises.