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In the show entitled: "Better Baseball", John Garver, a retired high school teacher, argues that baseball players, when hitting high and low pitches, present an undershoot bias that is similar to that presented in the laboratory tasks.
Notice the slower rise and fall times that cause the reduced eye amplitude, the higher overshoot and undershoot, and the resulting additional jitter that causes reduced eye width.
If we focus on the profile of inflation over the last two years or so, the period over which the MPG has had more influence, there has indeed been a tendency for inflation to undershoot the target (Figure 1).
For straight and flared dies with the same orifice, they believe the undershoot causes lower shear stresses at the flared die exit than for the straight die.
The dual thermocouple scheme avoids undershoot but waits at the initial upset temperature longer, then goes through a reset, and reaches setpoint in about 18 minutes.
4%, gave a "grim Budget backdrop" though total borrowing for the year should still undershoot the Government target.
Capital Economics UK economist Vicky Redwood said: "Should borrowing continue along the same path, it would undershoot the OBR's full-year forecast by around pounds 3bn.
LABOUR proclaim the "success" of an undershoot in this year''s borrowing of pounds 11bn.
According to Chin-Hong, although specifications should let you know if the supply causes any voltage overshoot or undershoot when it trips, many datasheets do not provide this information.
5 per cent inflation target is supposed to be symmetric, meaning that an undershoot is viewed as serious as an overshoot.
Instead, the blender dispensed two or more ingredients while weighing each once and compensating on the next batch for any over- or undershoot on the previous batch.
These reflections are more commonly known as ringing and can cause undershoot or overshoot when the reflections return and combine with the original signal.