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If you machine the cavities oversize, your parts will fit sloppy and if undersize, the parts can bind.
They allow many small fish and undersize prawns to escape, but still maintain catches of the targeted-sized prawns.
Conservation of recruitment of the western rock lobster (Panulirus cygnus) by improving survival and growth of undersize rock lobster captured and returned by fishermen to the sea.
The situation has arisen after Captain Agustin Pastoriza, skipper of the Manufe, pleaded not guilty at a special Court in Cobh, County Cork, on Saturday night to having undersize megrim among his two-tonne catch.
com For the shore angler, the river Tyne is still full of mainly undersize codling, as the Alberta SAC, Jarrow, found out recently.
For efficient screening, the material bed should not reach a depth that prevents undersize from stratifying before it is discharged.
Undersize fish may not require venting if caught in depths less than 60 feet, but you're still legally obligated to carry a venting tool, as well as a dehooker and circle hooks for natural bait.
He told MPs: "An undersize apple handed out at the servery will create issues of order and control.
From the moment they start spilling out of the undersize doorways of Lez Brotherston's tract houses in the ``Suburban Ballet,'' the ensemble builds a little world.
Because the gall bladder continued to release a normal amount of bile into the gut, more bile is available per gram of the undersize liver.
Oversize pieces will be shredded on site, while undersize pieces will be set aside for use as a crumb rubber feedstock.