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The rate was lowest among women whose first pregnancy ended in the term birth of an infant who was not undersized (2.
Dave Allinson had two flounder for 12oz, though a lot of undersized fish were caught.
Intrusion does extend cycle times--however, it compensates economically by allowing use of undersized presses.
Ministers are to call time on pubs and clubs who hide undersized drinks beneath frothy heads by bringing in tough legislation later this year.
Government forestry experts add that Chile's tree industry is undersized and should be encouraged.
Such restrictive policies led to 14 people--a 5-year-old boy among them--putting out to sea in an absurdly undersized vessel.
Yesterday the skipper of the Rohellen pleaded guilty to having undersized fish on board his vessel.
Alligators with undersized testicles may seem like a problem only for other alligators, but scientists at the University of Florida (UF) argue that what happens to 'gators today may well happen to humans tomorrow.
That can be a problem, since the Royal Ballet School does not restrict its enrollment according to height; its undersized graduates may have to convince companies to make exceptions because of their talent.
The second unsubstantiated charge that Food Lion sells undersized flounder or flatfish is also flat wrong and we can prove it.
Before this installation, both Elkem and its competitors screened out material for undersized product.
Proposed upgrades include construction of a new 60,000-gallon elevated water storage tank and the replacement of undersized water main with new eight-inch ductile iron pipe.