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Non-desktop playback inconsistency and lack of deterministic audience profiling data are contributing factors to lower mobile/tablet CPMs and undersold inventory
BREAK Andy Bloomfield thinks the region's musicians are undersold.
market, and undersold the domestic like product at significant margins, causing domestic producers to lose revenue and market share and leading to significant depression and suppression of the domestic industry's prices.
No big bidders, a tight timetable and the fact bankers UBS - who undersold the Royal Mail - are in charge of this sell-off, mean our Eurostar stake will be flogged off like a cheap Hornby set.
It's tough to swallow because I felt we undersold ourselves.
Paloma Faith Never Tear Us Apart SHE'S never knowingly undersold us and manages a very decent version of the INXS song that has featured recently on a John Lewis TV commercial.
However, Woerth said: "It is rubbish to say that the property has been undersold.
The study also showed businesses thought the area was being undersold with a third saying the current negative perception was harming the regional economy.
This supports our long-held contention that too much retail beef is undervalued and undersold and not enough effort is being made to develop it as a premium market product and place much bigger volumes in the top income earning category,' said NBA chairman, Robert Robinson.
Birmingham County Court was told that Sangra retrospectively undersold a piece of property belonging to the company to an unsecured creditor and failed to keep proper accounts.
But the NFL, while expressing alarm with the initial drop, likes to note that there has been a substantial increase in the number of games being beamed into the Los Angeles market, since there are no undersold home games to preempt the telecasts.
Myners is also chairman of Huntsworth, the parent company of financial PR firm Citigate Dewe Rogerson, which was paid PS500,000 for advising on the sale of Royal Mail - which was undersold by PS1.