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While I understand fully members of the community are still coming to terms with Adam's tragic death, I would urge those who knew him to take this time to quietly reflect on positive memories of Adam and celebrate his life.
MY wife, my eldest son and I have worked for 87 years in total for the NHS, hence we have a reasonable understanding of what it is like to provide a public service, but it is only when you are a patient you really understand fully the extent of the truly wonderful service provided.
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has today issued a call for information as part of a wider project to understand fully how businesses collect and use consumer data including how it affects consumers, businesses, competition and the wider economy.
This Japanese official, before making remarks, should first do some basic research and understand fully China's laws and regulations," she said.
And those committing such crimes have the opportunity to apologise and understand fully the impact of their actions.
We have yet to understand fully what led up to this tragedy and an investigation into the cause of the fire is under way.
I understand fully that Rangers fans are wary of any new owners given what has happened in the recent past.
Our non-Catholic employees and students understand fully that the university must adhere to Catholic teaching and they do not expect us to provide such services," he said in a statement.
We in this household understand fully what his letters say, or perhaps imply.
Surgeons should add their voices to social media circles and online discussions, while faking care to understand fully the potential security and medical-legal implications of such an act.
I understand fully the need for county clubs to make money from Twenty20, and county finances are currently under a lot of strain, but the domestic fixture list is so confused and damaging to our players at the moment that the English game's authorities are effectively saying that practice - proper practice and preparation for different formats of the game - is not anywhere close to being a priority.
but just to reinforce that through the UN panel there's still work to be done and there's still, obviously, an effort that will be important to understand fully what happened last year," Crowley said.