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Some of the scenes are slightly confusing; the reader may need to reread a couple scenes to understand fully what is happening.
MCCI President Khawaja Jalaluddin Rumi said that every individual would have to understand fully the importance of independence and play his role against elements attempting to create divide in the name of sects or ethnicity.
Yesterday, Cllr Kemp said: "We need to understand fully the relationships between the council and developers; the clear lack of strong due diligence before entering into any property deal; and the lack of openness and transparency in the ways the city council conducts relationships with developers.
A platform will be created for journalists to ask questions on this and related matters of the day, to understand fully what informs the Departments approach.
We understand fully the emotions," Interior Minister Jan Jambon said in making the appeal on Saturday, according to CBC News.
While I understand fully members of the community are still coming to terms with Adam's tragic death, I would urge those who knew him to take this time to quietly reflect on positive memories of Adam and celebrate his life.
MY wife, my eldest son and I have worked for 87 years in total for the NHS, hence we have a reasonable understanding of what it is like to provide a public service, but it is only when you are a patient you really understand fully the extent of the truly wonderful service provided.
This Japanese official, before making remarks, should first do some basic research and understand fully China's laws and regulations," she said.
And those committing such crimes have the opportunity to apologise and understand fully the impact of their actions.
We have yet to understand fully what led up to this tragedy and an investigation into the cause of the fire is under way.
I understand fully that Rangers fans are wary of any new owners given what has happened in the recent past.
Our non-Catholic employees and students understand fully that the university must adhere to Catholic teaching and they do not expect us to provide such services," he said in a statement.