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A general term referring to an agreement, either express or implied, written or oral.

The term understanding is an ambiguous one; in order to determine whether a particular understanding would constitute a contract that is legally binding on the parties involved, the circumstances must be examined to discover whether a meeting of the minds and an intent to be bound occurred.


Meeting of Minds.


(Agreement), noun accord, alliance, arrangement, common view, compact, compliance, concord, concordance, congruence, contract, cooperation, covenant, harmony, meeting of minds, mutual pledge, pact, rapport, unanimity
Associated concepts: express understanding, understanding of the parties
Foreign phrases: Conventio facit legem.An agreement creetes the law, i.e. the parties to a binding contract will be held to their promises.


(Comprehension), noun apprehension, assimilation, awareness, conception, discernment, grasp, ingenium, insight, intelligence, mens, mental ability, perception, power to underrtand, prehension, realization, reason, recognition, sense, wisdom
Associated concepts: intent, want of understanding
Foreign phrases: Sermones semper accipiendi sunt seeundum subjectam materiam, et conditionem personnrum.Language is always to be understood according to its subject matter and the condition of the person. Probationes debent esse evidentes, id est, perspicuae et faciles intelligi. Proofs ought to be evident, that is, clear and easily understood. Quod tacite intelligitur deesse non videtur. What is tacitly understood does not appear to be wanting.


(Tolerance), noun acceptance, benevolence, charitableness, compassion, consideration, empathy, good will, humanity, kindliness, lack of prejudice, mercy, patience, sensitivity, sufferance, sympathy, toleration
See also: accord, accordance, adjustment, agreement, apprehension, attornment, bargain, belief, benevolence, benevolent, caliber, charitable, cognition, cognizant, common sense, compact, comprehension, concept, conciliation, concordance, conscious, consideration, consortium, construction, contract, conviction, covenant, deal, discerning, discernment, discrimination, estimate, experience, feeling, humanity, idea, inference, information, insight, intellect, intelligence, judgment, juridical, knowing, knowledge, league, lenience, lenient, longanimity, notion, omniscient, option, pact, patient, perception, perceptive, perspicacious, persuasion, placable, policy, promise, protocol, provision, quid pro quo, rapport, rapprochement, rational, realization, reason, receptive, reconciliation, sagacity, sane, sanity, scienter, sense, sensible, sensitive, settlement, specialty, stipulation, term, tolerance, treaty, vicarious
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Understanding is about seeing things connected into larger contexts.
Before articulating the competencies for a specific role, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of competencies.
This inquiry, a classroom action research case study, investigated an innovative strategy created for the purpose of inspiring the development of student understandings and insights on the realities of a change-based environment.
109 requires the auditor to perform "risk assessment procedures" (a new term) for the specific purpose of gathering information and gaining an understanding of the client and its environment.
I realize that talk of "two aeons" for those concerned with politics may sound at best fanciful, but I believe that such talk is crucial not only for understanding Yoder but for understanding how the church and Christians serve any politics in which we find ourselves.
The book has value for both instructors and students in the self-evaluation process and gaining understanding of diversity in counseling by helping the reader internalize the principles of multiculturalism.
Course content will include an introduction to the course and discussion of the place of TPEs relative to vulcanized rubber and thermoplastics; basic polymer science relevant to understanding TPE structures, properties and processing; styrenic block copolymers, SBS, SIS, SEBS and functionalized SEBS; thermoplastic polyurethanes; copolyesters; olefinic rubber/ thermoplastic blends, EPR/PP and EPDM/PP (TPO): TPE blends with a dynamically vulcanized phase, EPDM/ PR NBR/PP and NR/PP (TPV); other TPEs, PVC and other blends, EVA, ionomers and single phase melt processible rubber (MPR), future developments and potential for TPEs; and a summary and course review.
In general, it can be a powerful tool in DoD for understanding human interactions and network interactions, especially when confronting the fog of war.
13) Such an understanding of timing is somewhat surprising for the reader, given the prophecies of Jesus where he repeats how the "Son of Man" will return to the earth (9:26, 17:24, 30, 18:8, 21:27-28).
A patient's clear understanding of the treatment plan and documentation of the steps taken to assure this could make a substantial difference if there were to be a charge of substandard care.
These approaches may offer some recourse, but they don't address the key contributors to the crisis--patients' understanding of their medical or surgical procedures and poor physician communication.
Understanding the requirements for specific equipment will enable an efficient rack-level design and cooling strategy.

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