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On Broadway, Burnham understudied first Matthew Morrison (who earned a Tony nomination) and Aaron Lazar (who played the role when ``Piazza'' was filmed for PBS' ``Live From Lincoln Center.
During class, Tommy Lemanski, the City Ballet regisseur told me that I'd be performing the second waltz in Vienna Waltzes because the corps dancer that I had understudied was ill.
One can hardly consider the story of Baptist Old Testament scholarship without exploring the work and life of Crawford Toy, the highly known but largely understudied Old Testament professor dismissed from Southern Seminary.
One goal is to construct a global inventory of data for well-characterized environments that can be extrapolated to understudied sites with similar climates, demographics, and coastal conditions.
Still, these caveats shrink to relatively minor criticisms in the face of Chowning's considerable accomplishment in knitting together economic and political developments for an important but understudied area of Mexico, framing her study with a subtle research agenda and a relatively novel periodization, and delivering her findings with scrupulous attention to detail and in thoughtful, clear, and evocative writing.
And this reading leads, in turn, to one of the highlights of Levine's book, an important reconsideration (and defense) of Stowe's understudied Dred.