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The story follows a desperate bartender with Broadway directing dreams who manipulates a troupe of misfit understudies into believing their big break is debuting in her upcoming hit musical.
Late one afternoon in the middle of the run of the acerbic comedy God of Carnage, Staley got the call that most understudies probably receive with a mixture of excitement and nervousness: Asolo Rep actor David Breitbarth had injured his leg, so Staley would be going on in his place that evening.
When top-billed performers, such as ghrelin, are no-shows, the body turns to understudies to figure out when to eat and, somewhat less effectively, when to stop.
He then proceeded to tell me that Anna Lucasta, which had recently opened at the Civic Theatre in Chicago, was looking locally for understudies.
FIVE goals up after last week's first leg, Lazio's regulars have the opportunity to ride on one of Venice's gondolas tonight while their understudies take care of Italian Cup business, writes Mark Worwood.