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This has resulted in there being both an undersupply (at the aggregate level) and an oversupply (of expensive units) at the same time.
There was an undersupply anyway as consumers have been buying more of it and producers can't keep up with demand.
This publication from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization examines the provision of public goods and their undersupply throughout the globe as related to policy and participation in economic markets.
So even though we have an undersupply of commercial space, most of the new buildings are located in similar locations.
This was the "direct result of continuing undersupply of villas and townhouses compared to growing demand from UAE nationals and well-earning expats", according to Asteco's Andrew Chambers.
In terms of new development, those developers who are able to develop speculatively within the next few years are more than likely to reap the benefits given the potential undersupply.
Also there is an undersupply of property and whilst values have become overcooked in recent years there should be a progressive realignment.
The softening housing market, combined with an undersupply of rental units due to condominium conversions, makes it a great time to invest in institutional-quality apartments," he said.
Turner, in Towards a Rational Personal Data Breach Notification Regime, explains that a legislative solution is necessary because "market forces may undersupply notification," since companies may not wish to notify consumers of a breach if the cost of doing so exceeds the expected damage to the company.
On the other hand, Midwestern builders reported an oversupply, which may more accurately be described as an undersupply of buyers, since relatively few condos are being built in the Midwest outside of major cities, said NAHB.
Army Reserves, said an over-abundance of clerks and an undersupply of skilled combatants are hampering efforts to support current operations in Iraq.
Mr Wright added: ``Looking forward, we believe that the relatively low interest rate environment, the increasing formation of single UK households, the focus on urban regeneration and an undersupply of new housing continue to provide excellent opportunities for profitable growth.