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UNDERTOOK. Assumed; promised.
     2. This is a technical word which ought to be inserted in every declaration of assumpsit, charging that the defendant undertook to perform the promise which is the foundation of the suit; and this though the promise be founded on a legal liability, or would be implied in evidence. Bac. Ab Assumpsit, F; 1 Chit. Pl. 88, note p.

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Respondents undertook not to conduct the seminars and workshops in Australia without abiding by certain restrictions imposed by the ACCC to shield Australian consumers from what the ACCC deemed to be further misleading and deceptive practices.
I undertook my first five-day water fast after reading Ehret's book, not to cure a disease but to rid my system of the effects of my fat-and-carbohydrate diet.
Hakutani introduces a far less familiar comparison of Wright to the poet Basho in order to develop previously unnoted relationships in Wright's work to Zen Buddhism that would flower in the vast haiku project Wright undertook in his last illness.