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One possible way to address this problem of undervaluation is the implementation of import data reconciliation procedures which call for documentation on shipments of imported goods at their ports of origin.
Currency over- or undervaluation (UV) is defined as the (log) deviation of RER from its predicted value:
Dikshit said the revision in circle rates would help in curbing the prevailing undervaluation of properties.
s Chinese plant in the southern province of Guangdong reflects the undervaluation of Chinese labor in the country, which has seen growth in workers' wages lagging behind the rate of economic growth, state media said Tuesday.
Stock overvaluation is more likely to persist than undervaluation and tends to cause greater harm to investors when it occurs.
Currency undervaluation is currently the Chinese government's main instrument for subsidizing manufacturing and other tradable sectors, and therefore promoting growth through structural change.
The signalling models underline the fact that undervaluation is a strategy used by shareholders in fast-growing companies to help stand out from non-growth companies.
His empirical analysis finds that undervaluation boosts economic growth just as strongly as overvaluation diminishes it.
At this stage, we believe that there is little benefit for the authorities to maintain normal undervaluation in the face of rising costs to the pegged exchange rate regime," the investment bank said.
This conclusion is widely accepted, but the parallel theoretical and analytically equivalent conclusion--that exchange rate undervaluation is helpful to growth--is not.
He asked: "Were you not financially very naive when you agreed to the undervaluation of public assets, enabling an American private equity company to make a windfall profit of pounds 300 million and the chief civil servants involved to make a personal fortune of pounds 22 million?
Such action could assist with tackling issues of tax evasion through undervaluation, money laundering through overvaluation, and gemstone smuggling through misdescription, all mechanisms employed by transnational organized criminals, that well-informed frontline officers could truncate or disrupt.