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The difference between the actual spread of 478 bps on Lebanon's Eurobonds and the Goldman Sachs' model-implied spread of 371 bps shows that the undervaluation is at 107 bps.
The undervaluation of the euro, by contrast, has two root causes.
This leaves shares as the most attractive option, particularly if current undervaluation persists.
Currency over- or undervaluation (UV) is defined as the (log) deviation of RER from its predicted value:
The approach, thought to be worth around 750p a share, was rejected outright by the board as an undervaluation of the company, according to reports.
Capital dismissed the bid as an undervaluation of the company and accused Simon of trying to frustrate its bid to buy the Trafford Centre.
The circle rates were first introduced in Delhi in 2007 and were notified under the provisions of the Delhi Stamp (Prevention of Undervaluation of Instruments) Rules, 2007 on July 18, 2007.
Not unlike the concerns in the USA, in Europe, Eurogroup President Jean Claude-Juncker has argued that China's undervaluation of the yuan might affect negatively the economic recovery of the euro zone.
The prospect of mergers and acquisitions has sparked the rally which is correcting their undervaluation," said broker Alexander Moraitakis at Nuntius Securities.
Honda strike reflects undervaluation of Chinese labor: state media
This competitive undervaluation of the RMB is a blatant form of protectionism,'' he said.
Analysts said the G-7 meeting had little impact on the currency market after Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who chaired the talks, stopped short of going into details of whether the meeting had addressed the undervaluation of China's yuan.