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4 percent against the US dollar since September, is sharply undervalued.
Obama said the undervalued yuan is not the main reason for the huge trade imbalance with China, but ''it's a contributing factor to our trade imbalance.
The administration is correct in calling the renminbi undervalued," said Leo W.
He said that from 1995 to 2002 the Los Angeles market was undervalued coming out of the recession and was bound to improve because fundamentals, like interest rates and demand, were favorable.
In addition, other pure investment funds are focusing on causing change among management of sleepy companies with undervalued assets, including "corporate governance" funds and so-called "vulture" funds.
The Coalition noted that four Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan) increased their foreign currency reserves by $250 billion during the first six months of 2004 by buying dollars in an effort to maintain undervalued levels for their currencies.
With improved domestic demand (which has not been dented by their undervalued currencies) and less-than-expected deceleration in exports, Asian central banks are showing increasing willingness to tolerate gradual U.
75 percent of technology executives surveyed felt that their companies' shares were undervalued on the basis of actual company performance, compared to 18 percent who felt their companies were properly valued, and percent who thought their companies were overvalued.
Retail Malls finished as the most undervalued property type, followed by Urban Office and Retail, while Apartments finished as the most overvalued property type for the third straight survey.
If small companies are undervalued systematically, they may suffer in terms of their ability to raise new capital.
Ralph Villiger, mathematician and co-author, adds that it is only possible to spot undervalued shares once you know how to quantify news on clinical successes, license agreements and M&A activity.
The bank said that the local currency had been undervalued as it had underperformed its peers since prime minister Najib Razak's budget was presented almost a month ago.