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It added that Lebanon's long-term Eurobonds were the only undervalued bonds among 20 B-rated sovereigns with these maturities.
4 percent against the US dollar since September, is sharply undervalued.
Obama said the undervalued yuan is not the main reason for the huge trade imbalance with China, but ''it's a contributing factor to our trade imbalance.
Consequently, undervalued companies remained chronically undervalued.
dollar, and have tended to maintain undervalued currencies (especially of late).
If small companies are undervalued systematically, they may suffer in terms of their ability to raise new capital.
The bank said that the local currency had been undervalued as it had underperformed its peers since prime minister Najib Razak's budget was presented almost a month ago.
This time investors were asked to rate markets and property types as investment opportunities, with a 1 rating being the most undervalued and 5 being the most overvalued.